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Yesterday I completed a long time dream of mine... I drifted the Racing Zestino NSX in the royal purple parking lot! The Racing Zestino NSX was imported from Japan by JL Motors LLC. The venue was a private event put on by Speed Advocates at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown Tx. I was invited by a good friend of mine Richard Tomlin of Apex Auto Works in Alvin Tx. 2016 has been a wacky year for me as I started my business to be the exclusive distributor of Zestino Tires in Texas. was founded to support local racers with a way to have fun on the weekends with out sacrificing large chunks of the budget on tires. I found Zestino Tires when I was looking for a set of affordable rally tires and then one thing led to another. Anyways back to talking about drifting an NSX, it was massive amounts of fun! The car revved to the moon and the sound of the Honda motor just makes my ears melt with its mesmerizing VTEC sound waves. The Zestino Tires had lots of grip so I had to clutch kick a few times to get the car to drift in true JDM fashion. Since the car did not have power steering, counter steering needed a lot effort and was a hand full. After about 2 hrs of pretty much non stop messing about I physically got tired and decided to stop killing tires. The NSX was still purring like a kitten and was wanting more. Now I understand why this car has such a following because the NSX its that mythical girl that will rock your brains out in bed and then make you a sandwich after. She is always one of the most beautiful girls at the ball, but does not need to spend all your money on maintenance. She gives you maximum bang for your buck and others admire you for having her. This NSX is just like my wife and I think I would like to keep her for life. Check out a short video that I made below:

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